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Zeblaze MiniWear Smart Watch Review, Price and Specifications

Zeblaze MiniWear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch

These are the days of sophisticated, smart and handy gadgets and we see people around us using such gadgets. Different utilities have been added to these gadgets that not only make them look stylish but they also become necessary. During the last few years, the mobile phones, tablets and other similar accessories have really revolutionized the way we spend our lives. However, one instrument that not only qualifies for style and elegance but is equally essential for our well being is the Zeblaze Miniwear heart rate monitoring watch. If you are a health conscious person, what could be more important to you than to keep a regular track on your heart rate? Zeblaze Miniwear completely understands this.  [quick_offer]

Hardware Features:

There are some distinctive features of Zeblaze Miniwear smart watch that make it a really unique product and quite an essential one. The most important feature is of course its looks. It is designed in a very stylish and elegant manner in which it is built. Some of the hardware features include blue tooth connectivity, which means that it can easily synchronize and connect with any other device, and water proofing, both are something that are a must have in a smart watch these days. Its stripe is quite elegant and is adjustable according to the requirement. The width of the stripe is also very conveniently designed to provide maximum comfort. On the wrist, it gives a very light feeling and the watch wearers always feel delighted and relaxed.

zeblaze miniwear smart watch features

Weight & Size:

The dial size of Zeblaze smart watch is 4.39 x 3.1 x 1.19 centimeters which is right as per the size in common use these days and is most convenient. The band size is 25 X 2 cm which is also quite normal and in line with the band size that is frequently used these days. The best part is the weight of Zeblaze smart watch, which is a meager 0.038 kg. Such a light weight is bound to be liked by the users and they really love it. Even if you have lost the habit of wearing a watch due to your mobile phone, this watch will give you enough incentive to change the habit. Thus it can be reasonably said that as far as the hardware features are concerned, all the pre-requisites of a successful smart watch are met by Zeblaze smart watch.

zeblaze mini display

Functions & Features:

Apart from hardware and design qualities, the Zeblaze Miniwear smart watch is equipped with a range of functions and features that make it first choice in this category. Firstly, it has blue tooth connectivity that can be used for answering phone calls, call remainder, and phone book. It means that it can not only qualify for your personal doctor that is always monitoring your health through monitoring your heart rate but can also be sued as personal assistant. This gets even handier while driving when handling the mobile phone is inappropriate rather dangerous.


Its smooth and efficient touch makes it easier to handle and its speed is also quite impressive. Secondly, it is equipped with remote camera and notification features that really make it quite useful. Thirdly, it gives a lot of variety in performing different functions, for example, it has a group of alarms, find phone feature, WhatsApp and face book notifications, and many more. As a result, even if you are on the go and don’t want to carry or use mobile phone, you are still connected. It has many built-in languages including English, Arabic, Czech, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. This gives the watch an international touch and makes it an important player in this type of products worldwide.

However, perhaps the most important function of this gadget is the heart rate monitoring feature. The basic information about health can be stored in it and then can be later used in different scenarios. The heart rate monitor is quite accurate and can prompt alarm as and when required. It has been a well established fact that a regular monitoring of heart beat can work as early warning signal and can prevent any major disaster regarding health. Through heart rate monitoring system coming so handy, you will invariably develop a tendency to use it more often and that can also result in taking good care of your health.


zeblaze miniwear

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