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zte w01 review

ZTE W01 smart watch Professional specs review

You must have already heard about ZTE, it is another famous Chinese telecommunication equipment company head-quartered in Shezhen, Guangdong, China. The company have already launched a series of smart phones now its time for a variation. Now they have just launched a heart rate monitoring smart watch named as ZTE W01 smart Professional watch. On kickiteasy, I have reviewed many smart watches but the design of this one is quite unique because of its strap. The strap of this smart watch is quite unique as it is lean as compared to its dial. Anyway in this post I’m gonna showcase its specifications. It is not an hands on review, it’s a ZTE W01 smart watch Professional specifications review. So let’s get started.[quick_offer]

Build Quality & Design

As already mentioned, the design of this smart watch is quite unique. The dial of ZTE W01 smart watch professional is completely round and I really liked that as it gives a premium touch. But you might find the strap to be little odd with the dial. The strap is made up of 100% leather and is quite thin. The 1.22 inch round dial has a 240 x 204 resolution which is pretty good when it comes to smart watches.

zte w01 specs

The smart watch has only one button to the right side to perform various functions. You can use that button to open the main menu of the watch or to turn the screen on or off. Below the button you’ll see the speakers. As per the company the smart watch has really a very good quality of speaker that will surely give you an amazing output sound.

The negative thing is, the strap of the ZTE W01 smart watch is non removable. You can’t remove and use a different strap. You’ll have to satisfy with this only. Personally I didn’t liked the strap, though I believe the watch is stylist but its my personal opinion. Many of you might really like the design. Anyway lets move further.

ZTE W01 Smart Watch Professional Features

Processor – The ZTE W01 smart watch professional has all those features that makes it smart. The smart watch is powered with MTK2502 chipset which is pretty cool for a smart watch. Moreover the watch has 32 MB RAM and 128 MB internal storage, 132 MB of ROM for a smart watch is really great. With 32 MB RAM, you’ll surely get a very fast response.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart Rate Monitoring is the basic feature of any smart watch. Most of the smart watch has heart rate monitoring feature, the heart rate sensor is present on the back of the dial which can sense your pulse and tells your heart rate according to that.

heart rate monitor zte

Remote Synchronization

ZTE W01 smart watch can be synced with your phone (Android/iOS) via Bluetooth. The watch has some really cool remote features, as you’ll get real time notifications of your favourite apps on right on your watch. Not only this, you can also play your phone’s playlist on this smart watch as it does support remote music player (dynamic music). You can also capture pictures using this smart watch as it also supports remote camera. The picture clicked by you using this smart watch will be saved in your smart phone, that’s what remote camera is.

remote camera zte w01 smart watch

Adsorption Charging

Adsorption Charging really means magnetic suction charging, the unique name is only for promotional purpose. With this watch you’ll get a magnetic suction USB cable to charge it. You can charge ZTE W01 professional smart watch from your phone using an OTG cable or you can directly charge it using your laptop.

IP 53 Water Proofing level

Yes, the watch is water proof. As the watch is IP 53 water proofing level certified. It can resist water and won’t get damaged due to water.

Gesture Features 

It also has some amazing gesture features like-

  • Answering the phone by shaking
  • Automatically hang-up by turning over
  • Wake up Gesture
  • Automatically page turning by shaking wrist

Here is the complete list of its specifications (remaining ones)-

  1. Real Time step recording (Pedometer)
  2. Sedentary reminder
  3. Audio Recording
  4. IPS HD screen of 360 degree Cambered surface
  5. Dial UI interface
  6. Choose from five different dials
  7. Water proof Italian anti allergy strap
  8. 320 mAh battery capacity

The watch is available only at $65 from Gearbest that provides free world wide delivery. If you have any question regarding this ZTE W01 smart watch, feel free to drop a comment below.[quick_offer]

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  1. Hi There, I just got a ZTE ZMAX PRO Smartphone. My question is Do you know how compatible and easy is the ZTE W01
    Thank you for any help. I live in the USA, in New Jersey. Again Thank you for any help or information.

  2. Thanks for you support! Now all I have to do is convince my wife and our son to let me get it. They say they’re going to take away my internet connection, because I spend to much money. They got way when I backed 3 Kickstarter projects. I thought they were GREAT , especially The Basslet a Boom Box you wear on your wrist! AGAIN THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT

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